Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas Wristlets

Christmas wristlets

These red and green wristlets were ordered as Christmas gifts. A wristlet makes a great gift! It's the perfect little gift for any woman. I use mine like crazy!! Speaking of which, I think I'm due for a new one pretty soon.... :) Did I mention I love this red fabric??!!

Snowflake Bag

Large snowflake Angie bag

This snowflake Angie bag was ordered as a Christmas gift. I hadn't made an Angie bag in a long time but I really like this style and I love the snowflake fabric!

Black and White Uptown Bag

Black and white floral Uptown bag

This black and white floral Uptown bag was ordered as a Christmas gift with long straps.

Pink Messenger Bag

Messenger for Kylie

"K" is for Kylie. I made this for my daughter for Christmas to take to school. She loves when I make bags and always asks who they are for and comments on the fabric so I thought she would love one for Christmas. It wasn't easy hiding it from her while making it though!!!

Pink and Brown Messenger

Pink and brown messenger

This pink and brown messenger was ordered for a middle school girl for Christmas.

Mickey Mouse Messenger Bag

Mickey Mouse Medium Messenger

Another Mickey Mouse Messenger! Who knew Mickey was so popular!! :)

Volleyball Wristlets

Volley Ball wristlets

34 wristlets

The Pine Grove Volleyball Boosters orderd these wrislets in the Pine Grove colors, maroom and grey for the players and coaches as a gift for their banquet. I made 34 in all. Each has the girls' initials hand embroidered on them, then seniors have all three initials.