Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas Wristlets

Christmas wristlets

These red and green wristlets were ordered as Christmas gifts. A wristlet makes a great gift! It's the perfect little gift for any woman. I use mine like crazy!! Speaking of which, I think I'm due for a new one pretty soon.... :) Did I mention I love this red fabric??!!

Snowflake Bag

Large snowflake Angie bag

This snowflake Angie bag was ordered as a Christmas gift. I hadn't made an Angie bag in a long time but I really like this style and I love the snowflake fabric!

Black and White Uptown Bag

Black and white floral Uptown bag

This black and white floral Uptown bag was ordered as a Christmas gift with long straps.

Pink Messenger Bag

Messenger for Kylie

"K" is for Kylie. I made this for my daughter for Christmas to take to school. She loves when I make bags and always asks who they are for and comments on the fabric so I thought she would love one for Christmas. It wasn't easy hiding it from her while making it though!!!

Pink and Brown Messenger

Pink and brown messenger

This pink and brown messenger was ordered for a middle school girl for Christmas.

Mickey Mouse Messenger Bag

Mickey Mouse Medium Messenger

Another Mickey Mouse Messenger! Who knew Mickey was so popular!! :)

Volleyball Wristlets

Volley Ball wristlets

34 wristlets

The Pine Grove Volleyball Boosters orderd these wrislets in the Pine Grove colors, maroom and grey for the players and coaches as a gift for their banquet. I made 34 in all. Each has the girls' initials hand embroidered on them, then seniors have all three initials.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Patchwork Diaper Bag with Owl

Brown, blue and green patchwork diaper bag with owl

Owl on patchwork diaper bag

I love the way this diaper bag turned out! The customer asked if I could make a small owl instead of my typical flower and well, doing something new makes me nervous, I'm a nervous person by nature but after checking out a little owl my sister of created for a stamp set, this little guy came to be. I think he turned out really cute. I hope the customer's friend loves this bag as much as I do!!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Hot Pink, Black and White Diaper Bag

Hot pink, black and white diaper bag

Embroidered "A" on diaper bag

This diaper bag is super sassy! I totally love the color combination!! The customer would like to use this bag as sort of a centerpiece type thing at her baby shower with the same color scheme! How cute will this diaper bag be sitting on table filled with goodies at a baby shower!!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Brown and Turquoise Diaper Bag

Brown and Turquoise Diaper bag

I love this diaper bag! It was ordered by a woman who is expecting her first child, a son in November. She wanted something with boyish colors but pretty for her. I think this diaper bag fits the bill and I hope she does, too!

After using this color scheme for the last couple bags, I'm falling in love with it all over again. I have yet to actually carry about a bag in this color scheme but one day, I will!!!

Brown and Turquoise Messenger Bags

Brown and turquoise messenger with flower

Brown and Turquoise mini-messenger with A

A on mini-messenger

These bags were ordered by a friend of mine for herself and her daughter. This was the first letter I've done, normally I do a flower but I love how it turned out! The "A" is for Autumn, the girl's name. I think they will look super cute together walking around with their matching messengers!!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Fall Is In The Air!!

Fall Carly Bag

I love this print!! I made a bag for my very best friend last year in this fabric and then another friend wanted something fallish recently so I pulled out this gorgeous fabric and vuala, a beautiful bag!! I'm not sure fall fabrics get any prettier than that!!

More Purple!!

Large Purple Patchwork Izzy Bag

This is a very large Izzy Bag that was ordered by a Party Lite consultant to carry her stuff back and forth to her parties. What a great way to advertise for me, too!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Black and White Patchwork Bag

Black and white patchwork Izzy Bag

I have a customer turned friend from California who found some black and white fat quarters and sent them to me to make her a bag. It just so happens that around the same time, I had another order for a black and white bag so killing two birds with one stone, I made two of this bag, one with shorter straps and one with longer straps. Both my friend and the other lady who received this bag as a gift from her daughter-in-law loved their bags!!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Little Black Clutch

Little Black Clutch

I was going to the symphony with two very dear friends recently for my birthday and realized I didn't have a black bag to go with my black dress! So on the morning of the symphony, I whipped up this little black clutch. It was perfect for my camera, wallet, keys, cell phone and lip gloss. And the symphony was amazing! Watching it made me want to learn to play the violin and watch Phantom of the Opera(with Gerard Butler)again. It was a great way to celebrate my birthday with my two best friends!!

Purple Lovers, Prepare Yourselves

Purple Patchwork Izzy Bag

A customer ordered a purple Izzy bag with various purple fabrics so this is what I came up with. I love the different fabrics!! I think this bag turned out great!!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Brown and Pink Patchwork Diaper Bag

Brown and pink patchwork diaper bag

I love this Diaper Bag! A friend of mine ordered it for her friend's baby shower and my friend picked out the fabric herself and she did an awesome job! The prints look great together and I especially love the brown and pink zebra print, I mean, who wouldn't??

Friday, August 20, 2010

Dr. Seuss Diaper Bag


This Dr. Seuss diaper bag is new theme for me. I think it's a fun fabric choice and trust me, no other person will have a diaper bag like this! Dr. Seuss is great for kids so what better theme for a diaper bag?! It's a rather large diaper bag but I've found the bigger the bag, the better!! Who knew that having a baby would mean you have to carry everything with you except the kitchen sink!

Brown and Blue Diaper Bag


I'm a bit partial to the fabrics in this diaper bag that a customer ordered for herself because I made a diaper bag for myself when I had my son. I was so longing for something blue and boyish after having 3 girls so this fabric called out to me. I actually like this diaper bag better than my own because of the flower, it's a cute little addition for the mother. :)

Navy Mini-Messenger Bag


I'm learning that navy is a great neutral color. It goes with so many other colors, kind of like brown or black so this bag is a great grab and go bag with any outfit!

Colorful Izzy Bag


I've used this fabric quite a few times in other bags and this Izzy bag used up the last of the fabric I had. I'm a bit sad to see it go....but I'm sure if I searched the wonderful world wide web, I'd find some more. :)

Little Black Bag


This black Mini-Folio with slanted flap is a great little black bag that would match any outfit.

Single Strap Bag with Yellow Flower


I love the pop of color in this Single Strap Bag with the yellow flower! I'm not a huge fan of yellow but sometimes it just works and in this bag was one of those times!!

Patchwork Uptown Bag


I love the colors in this Uptown style bag with a flap. The colors are so bright and beautiful!

Polka Dot Bag with Bow


This is a Casey style bag but is wider at the bottom than the original Casey bag. The customer wanted a bow instead of a flower.

Black and White Patchwork Bag

Black and white Larger Gracie Bag

This Tote style bag is a super cute smaller bag with a flap and straps longer enough to just carry under the arm. I love the fabrics!!

Mickey Mouse Messenger Bags


This messenger bag is a very large one, big enough for a 17 inch laptop. The owner of it wanted her initials embroidered, JLD.


This is a mini-messenger that was ordered as a gift for a woman going to Disney for vacation. It has a long strap to wear across the chest.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Dark Brown and Hot Pink Izzy Bag

Dark Brown and hot pink Izzy Bag

I love this bag!! Many think the fabric looks black when they see a picture of it but it is dark brown. The hot pink flower is super cute on this bag!!

More Mickey Mouse Bags

Mickey Mouse Ashlyn Bag

This Mickey bag is in the Ashlyn style and it was ordered by a woman who wanted a matching bag for her granddaughter (the below bag).

Little Girl Mickey Bag

A Cat Lover's Bag

Cat Naomi Bag

This bag was ordered by a cat lover. She picked out the fabric herself. It's a Naomi style bag with a front pocket.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Brown and turquoise Patchwork Ashlyn Bag

I love, love, love this brown and turquoise Ashlyn bag with the patchwork prints!! It was ordered at my open house and I searched high and low, online of course, to find more of this fabric. I had gotten fabric in this particular line a few years ago at a local fabric store but they no longer have it so I was thrilled when I found it online!! I haven't made a bag in this colors for awhile and it was nice to see one of my fave color schemes again!!

Patchwork Diaper Bags with black and white

Black and Pink Patchwork Diaper Bag

This diaper bag was ordered for a baby shower gift for a lady expecting a little girl this spring.
Black, white and purple Diaper Bag

I made this bag as a gift from myself for a very dear friend who is having a baby girl anytime now. I can't wait to meet little Harper!!

Green and Brown Ashlyn Bag

Green and Brown Large Ashlyn Bag

This is a larger version of that style bag. It's so room and super cute!!!

Black and Bright Purple Ashlyn Bag

Black and Bright Purple Ashlyn Bag

This bag was ordered at my Open House in February. I love how it turned out!!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Laptop Bag

Purple Paisley Laptop Bag

Inside Laptop Bag

This is the first (and only so far) laptop bag I've made. It's made in the messenger style bag and it's large enough for a 17" laptop. The lining is in flannel for a bit of extra cushion. This bag has 2 inside pockets for cords or accessories. It has heavy duty velcro as the closure.

Matching Izzy Bags

Black Izzy Bag

Kaleidescope Izzy Bag

These Izzy bags were ordered at my Open House by a past customer and her mother. The flower is super cute on the one with that hot pink button!!

Carly Bags

Yellow Carly Bag

Blue, Brown and Green Carly Bag

Brown, Pink and Purple Carly Bag

Brown Carly Bag

Pink and Brown Paisley Carly Bag

Teal, lime green and Black Patchwork Carly BAg

The Carly bag is a small to medium bag style but is still roomy. This bag can have one or two straps.