Friday, October 24, 2008

Purchased Bags

These are a few of the bags that sold at the Autumn Stroll. I couldn't get them uploaded on photobucket all week with the "new uploader" so I attempted the old uploader and it worked! I should have tried that days ago!!

Blue and Green Patchwork Tote

I love this Tote! I was trying something new with the straps. You always see straps that go down to the bottom of the bag so this was my attempt. I think it's super cute! The fabric is adorable! I got those squares already cut and put together in a pack and couldn't resist them. My new quilting technique in this bag is quilting the inside of each square instead of my normal "diamond" shape. I like it a lot (can't you just hear my impersonation of Jim Carrey from Ace Ventura saying that?)

Pink spots Flare Bag

This is a Flare Bag with long straps. Nothing new or exciting about it just a fabric I haven't shown off yet.

Brown and Pink Patchwork Tote

I really like the new patchwork quilting (quilting in the squares). I had a few different brown and pink fabrics so why not use them all in a patchwork Tote! The brown and pink color scheme definitely was the big hit at the Stroll. I need to keep that in mind.....

Monday, October 20, 2008

The Autumn Stroll

Well, the Autumn Stroll didn't go near as well as it did last year. I got 4 orders, all for brown and pink bags, how funny is that! Two of Donna's bags sold and I think 5 of mine sold. We had 32 bags there so you can do the math. I would like to personally thank those ladies that keep coming back to me for bags. There were 5 ladies that I can think of that came to the Autumn Stroll and have one or more of my bags and bought another there. I really appreciate your "faithfulness".

I will be doing the craft show at the Pine Grove Middle School on November 8th, I think it's from 9-2. I wasn't going to because I didn't think I would have the time to fit it in but now that the Stroll didn't go too well, I figure I don't really have anything to lose but possibly some bags! Quite a few people asked me if I was going to be at the school craft show so I guess I'll just do it and see how it goes. I'm going to try to get in the gym so be sure to look around for me.

I attempted to post a few of the bags that sold Saturday but photobucket wasn't uploading my pictures so I'll try again later.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Sneak Peak


I wanted to give you all a sneak peak of some adorable bags I've been working on for the Autumn Stroll. I'm so excited about some of these bags. I haven't quilted them in my normal diamond shaped way. They are patchwork bags that I have only quilted around the inside of each square like I would hand quilt a patchwork wall hanging or something. I love the look of it! This Lila bag is one of my favs and it will be hard to part with. So you have to stop by the Stroll this Saturday from 10-4pm in Pine Grove to see what else I've come up with!!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

New Bag Style


Yes, it just might snow in October, I came up with a new bag, without a pattern then yet!! It's hard to see exactly how this bag is shaped. It's gathered a bit at the top and has a curved bottom. Ignore the white lines in the center, it's my white pencil mark and I have to work more on rubbing it off. I'm not quite sure what to call it, maybe the Slouchy Bag or the Sack Bag. I'll take suggestions! I wanted to know what people thought of this bag before I went and made up a pattern to make more since my time is kind of limited right now. What are your thoughts??

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Donna's Creations



Here is a sneak peak at what Donna has been working on. She finished 5 bags since last Tuesday!! The first one is a Small Tote with an outside cell pocket and the second is a Mini-Folio that is definitely an eye catcher. I love that fabric!! I don't want to show anymore, I want some of the bags to be a surprise at the Autumn Stroll!!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

What "We've" Been Doing

My friend was giving me some friendly heck today that I haven't posted anything in awhile so here I am posting. I have been working, Donna and I both have so here are a few bags that we've done.


This School Tote was ordered by my aunt for her student teacher. I cut everything but Donna did the quilting and assembling. She did a good job for her first one! Oh and sorry for the black straps that blend into the background.



These Mini-Folios were done for the Autumn Stroll. I will not be posting all the bags for the Autumn Stroll because I want it to be a bit of a surprise for those people who are obsessed with seeing new bags (Ashley and Jeanna) but I wanted to show the two that Donna and I finished on Tuesday. I completed the purple one and she did the black, white and red. I love Mini-Folios, they are quick and quick is great!!

Interesting News

I now have a woman to help me sew. Her name is Donna Kinsey and I am teaching her how to make bags so she can help me catch up with my current orders and prepare for the Autumn Stroll. I have been so behind, this pregnancy was kicking my butt in the beginning so now that I have entered my 2nd trimester, hopefully the energy will come. But I am so thankful that Donna came along. She is the mother of a little boy that my daughter Kylie goes to preschool with and we ran into eachother at the playground one day. We got to talking and somehow my bag business came into the conversation and she mentioned how much she'd love to do something like that from home, being a sewer herself. So things just fell into place. I can't get any bigger as a small business owner if I don't have help so I'm hoping this is a step in the right direction. Be prepared to see some of Donna's creations soon!! Oh and I think she may be at the Autumn Stroll so you can meet her then!