Friday, February 1, 2008

Polka Dot Messenger

Brown Polka Dot Messenger

I really like this style. It's pretty big, measured at 15in. long and around 11in. high. It's funny because as soon as I walked into The Hair Shoppe with my brown polka dot bag, the girls that work there wanted a bag with that fabric. I thought people would either love it or hate it and the only one that hated it so far was my dad but what does he know about cute bags!! So this Messenger is for Heather at The Hair Shoppe. I'll seriously being seeing dots after I finish all the polka dot bag orders!!


Anonymous said...

That is too cute!!:) Katie

Pam said...

Very cute!

Korin Sutherland said...

This IS adorable!!! Stop it already. I can't afford all these bags :)!!

jeanna said...

I like it.
I think you should make a "diaper bag" design like this (with the huge flap). Add a few pockets on the inside and call is a medium diaper bag. I would love it for all the junk the girls carry.

Deidra Faith said...

HOw do I go about ordering??? I LOVE this bag!!!


Anonymous said...

How can i order a polka dot bag?? i love this.... do u have an etsy account?? please email me @ thanks