Saturday, July 25, 2009

Brown and Pink Florence Bag

Brown and Pink Florence Bag

Brown and pink is definitely the most popular color scheme among my costumers. Ladies show off their bags to their friends and the next think I know, I have more pink and brown bag orders! This bag was ordered in that way. Thanks, Dawn!

I was so thrilled when I found this brown polka dot fabric and the pink paisley! When I saw them in the store I envisioned what they would look like together in a bag and it's better than what I thought!! The button on this flower is an old button from a collection of buttons that my mom's cousin had. Nothing beats the look of a unique, old button. I love this bag!


Theresa said...

Can you post a few pictures of your smaller items...the pocket wallet to be exact?

I have been longing for a Vera bag for so long but cannot bring myself to spend that much on a material item. I bought a quilted bag at AC Moore for $8.

On the tag was but cannot find that site. (That's actually how I found you).

Thanks Theresa

Dawn said...

You're welcome, Casey!

When she comes home for Christmas, we'll take a picture of us with our bags!

You do GREAT work! I get so many compliments on the pink & brown bag, and the music bag. I never want to carry anything else!