Sunday, April 25, 2010

Brown and turquoise Patchwork Ashlyn Bag

I love, love, love this brown and turquoise Ashlyn bag with the patchwork prints!! It was ordered at my open house and I searched high and low, online of course, to find more of this fabric. I had gotten fabric in this particular line a few years ago at a local fabric store but they no longer have it so I was thrilled when I found it online!! I haven't made a bag in this colors for awhile and it was nice to see one of my fave color schemes again!!


Anonymous said...

Very cool! Love it!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful!!!! Love the colors. I just picked up fabrics in these colors to make a bag for myself as well. I myself am a SAHM and my passion is sewing bags as well. Also our little guys have the same exact birthday!!!! Thank you for sharing your wonderful work!!!