Wednesday, December 17, 2008

On Hold

My work will be put on hold briefly, maybe a few days. The reason is because my sewing room is going to be the baby's room and it needs to be painted. A few years ago, I had painted a garden mural in that room and it was all pink and green with flowers and trees. Well, with a boy joining our family I can not have it pink and green! So today my husband put the primer on, covering all of my paintings. I'm not that bummed about it, I'm so excited about having a boy nursery that it doesn't matter to me that my beautiful mural is gone. So currently, my sewing room is out of sorts and it smells. Hopefully, my hubby will paint it the color I want soon and I can get things back into place to get working. We do plan to close in our back porch which will become my new sewing room in the next couple months. I'm excited to see it all come together but am a bit nervous that we only have 3 months to get it all done!


Betty Townsend said...

Be sure to post pictures when you get the nursery and your new sewing room done, ok. Love to see what you do. My craft room is getting smaller. LOL! The stamping stuff continues to grow and am running out of room to put it all. LOL!

Jen said...

I remember that mural! You did a good job on it, I'm sure you'll think of something great for your little guy!