Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Allie Bag


A while back a friend of mine ordered the pattern for this bag and asked if I could make it. I decided to call this bag the Allie bag after her soon to be one year old daughter. I had my hubby take a picture of me with the bag so you could see it's size. It's rather large. It's supposed to be more of a diaper bag. There isn't any closure in this bag, there wasn't one in the pattern but the strap is supposed to be folded to put it on your shoulder and then bag should stay closed under the arm.


This cell phone pocket is placed on the strap for easy access. The bag has two large inside pockets. I'm not sure yet if I will be adding this bag to my regular styles yet or not so don't all come running at once requesting it!!

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Anonymous said...

That's really cute! Katie