Saturday, January 19, 2008

Got the Blues

Blue Small Tote

This is a Small Tote that someone custom ordered with two long straps. Sorry that the pictures got dark, I tried to fix them but for some reason they didn't seem to brighten. The blue is much brighter and prettier in person!

Leena Bag

This is the No Name style that I came up with the other week and I have now named it the Leena Bag. Thank you to those who gave me some ideas, I appreciate that!! This bag is for a lady who wanted something blue so her granddaughter and I chose this style and fabric. She also wanted a long strap so she could wear the bag across her chest, this is a cute style for a strap like that!!


Anonymous said...

Very pretty! LOVE the second one. That fabric is so pretty.

chelemom said...

This is gorgeous!

Kathy said...

OHH!! That second one is very pretty!! I like that idea to wear it across like that!!!