Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Scrap-Away-For-A-Day Tote

In the Very Large Tote post, I mentioned that it would be great for a scrapping bag. So I decided to show you what my bag looks like with a lot of my scrapping stuff in it.

Scrap Bag filled

As you can see, it holds quite a few paper packs. I am a CTMH paper pack fan so that is what all the plastic envelopes are.

Scrap Bag filled 2

It holds my paper trimmer, my CTMH double scrubber (it's hidden in the right pocket)some ink pads(there's about 8 in the right pocket) and stamp sets as well as photos and whatever else can be shoved in there. I just wanted those interested in a scrapping bag to see it filled. This is how I take it to crops. Of course I can't fit everything in it, I have way too much stuff for that. But being semi-organized with what I'm scrapping at the crop helps me to take what I need and not everything including the kitchen sink!!


ScrappinMommy~ Lisa said...

Very very cute ~ Great job!!

michongarf said...

ooohhh I like!!! :)