Friday, June 6, 2008

Brown and Pink Diaper Bag


Who doesn't like brown and pink? I have been seeing a lot of brown and pink themed things for baby like bedding and strollers and all and it's about time!! This diaper bag was ordered as a gift for a gal who is having a baby any day and is doing the nursery in brown and pink. I bet that will be soooo cute! I really like the way this bag turned out. It is totally trendy!


Anonymous said...

That's really pretty! Katie

Dawn said...

Hi, Casey....I may be interested in a purse of this (or similar) fabric. Do you have more?

I am getting SO many compliments on my music bag! Several of my students are very interested. One girl also said that that size messenger bag would be great for schoolbooks instead of a backpack. She is in h.s. and her sister is going to college in the fall. It might be another type to branch out into -- schoolbook bags!