Friday, June 6, 2008

My Fabric Storage

Ever since I had a sewing room, I have wanted a shelf to put all my fabric on so I wouldn't have to rummage through a big bin. Well, the other day, my hubby came through for me!! He came home from work with a tall shelf that he and a friend made. It was exactly what I had invisioned without even telling him what I wanted ! I was thrilled! So, here is all my fabric, well, most of it, on the shelves. I didn't have the motivation to fold each fabric nicely, I just put it on how it was in my bin. I'm so excited!!




Pam said...

wow! you have lots of fabric- I see why you needed that shelf space!

des bridges said...

wow! that is a lot of fabric!

leish77 said...

Wow!! What a great hubby. That is a lot of fabric