Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Matching Messengers



These messengers are going to Scotland. Yes, you read correctly. A lady in Scotland found me because my wonderful sister posted my information on her blog ( The mini-messenger is for the woman's 5 year old daughter. How cute is that, mom and daughter with matching bags! Amanda (the purchaser of these bags) called my flowers "Casey daisies", I may have to use that. She also pointed out that my having bags out of the country makes me an International Designer. I like the sound of that!! Oh, fyi, these bags are my new fav!! I love them!


leish77 said...

Yeah Casey!! Once again you did a great job.

amanda138a said...

they are GORGEOUS i cant wait to get them! thank you so much, and i love the casey daisy it really finishes the bags off, thank you so much, and i cant believe how fast you made them! thanks again,

Betty Townsend said...

These bags are awesome. Wow, bags in Scotland. How cool is that!! Love the color combination.

Ceal said...

I love these bags!