Sunday, August 10, 2008

Pink and Brown County Diaper Bag



When I saw this fabric, I was in love! Then when I thought about using this fabric for a diaper bag, I was thrilled to see the outcome! I made this diaper bag as a gift for a friend, Bailey who is having her first child, a girl of course. I knew she liked the country motif and the pink and brown color scheme so I was really hoping this bag would be a big hit with her. It was! I didn't know if she would want a flower or not so I made a star instead to go with the country look. It turned out really nice!


Betty Townsend said...

Great Job!! Casey. I love this fabric too. I am so amazed at the fabulous fabrics you manage to find. The star is a great touch. Got some new stuff on my blog too. Check it out if you haven't in awhile. Thanks!!

des bridges said...

i love this bag! are you bringing any to the kintzel reunion to be used in the auction?