Thursday, October 2, 2008

Interesting News

I now have a woman to help me sew. Her name is Donna Kinsey and I am teaching her how to make bags so she can help me catch up with my current orders and prepare for the Autumn Stroll. I have been so behind, this pregnancy was kicking my butt in the beginning so now that I have entered my 2nd trimester, hopefully the energy will come. But I am so thankful that Donna came along. She is the mother of a little boy that my daughter Kylie goes to preschool with and we ran into eachother at the playground one day. We got to talking and somehow my bag business came into the conversation and she mentioned how much she'd love to do something like that from home, being a sewer herself. So things just fell into place. I can't get any bigger as a small business owner if I don't have help so I'm hoping this is a step in the right direction. Be prepared to see some of Donna's creations soon!! Oh and I think she may be at the Autumn Stroll so you can meet her then!

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Betty Townsend said...

I am excited for you, Casey!!! I've missed seeing new bags from you!!! I know this will be a big help for you and certainly a God send, don't you think!!