Monday, September 3, 2007

Here It Is!!

This is a Small Tote with a quilted flower accent. I'm trying to add some creativity to my bags so they aren't so plain Jane. My sister wanted to see me add a flower so here it is, Korin, hope you like it! I just love this line of fabric, it is so trendy and beautiful.

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For those of you that love this bag, it will be at the Autumn Stroll!

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The button in the center of the flower is white. I tried to get a close-up of the flower and in doing so, it kind of changed the look of the color of the button.

Seriously, tell me what you think of the flower!


Pam said...

Very cute! I like the flower accent very much. The brown/blue color is so trendy and popular now. Your bags are great!

Anonymous said...

Love it! How about some more petals on the next one! "YOU CAN DO IT!!!"

Seriously, I do love it. I think you will find your creativity really take off when you try something new!!

aleisha said...

Love it!! I might have to stock your stand at the autumn stroll to try and get it

I placed my check in the mail

Anonymous said...

The fabric for this bag is awesome. I think the flower is a perfect addition to your bags. It looks great!!!

Erin Frantz

Ang said...

Love it!!

You know I love the colors and I do really like the flower!