Saturday, September 15, 2007

My Sewing Mishap

This morning I had every intention of getting ready and going to the Hegins Craft Fair with my mom and grandma. We were going to leave a bit after 10:00 (I wasn't going to be a vendor this time, just checking it out for next year). So, it was around 9:45 or so and I decided to sew a little. Well, what happened next wasn't in my plan for the day. Somehow, I don't even know how, it happened that quick, my finger ended up jammed on the presser foot with the sewing needle straight through it, coming out the other side. I finally managed to get the needle with my finger attached to it out of the machine but it wasn't an easy task to do. The picture is kind of gross, so be ready. They also aren't the clearest.

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I called the doctor which of course he said not too pull it out and head to the ER. After an hour and 15 minutes, 2 novicane (sp) shots, one quick pull and a bandage, I headed for home with the bent needle and a piece of blood stained thread.

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As soon as I came home I went to my sewing machine to make sure she still worked which she did, thank goodness! I am taking the rest of the day off from sewing but the show must go on so I'll probably be back at it tomorrow, with my fingers far from the presser foot and the needle.


Kathy said...

WOW!!! I knew that was what I was going to see!!! I bet you screamed huh??? I did that when I was little with my mom's machine. What a b-day surprise!!! Hope your fingers o.k.

Pam said...

Not the best way to celebrate your birthday! Hope your finger is okay and you are okay. That did look gross! I am sorry this happened to you. I hope you are feeling well and your finger isn't in too much pain- although I imagine it is. Did you have to get a tetnus shot as well? Good luck getting back to sewing...I think I would be gun shy, but I know with the Autumn Stroll coming need to be working. Again, so sorry this happened!

Casey Turner said...

To answer Kathy and Pam's questions, I did scream, very loudly!! As did the girls then when they saw it and me crying. And no, I didn't need a tetnus shot, I had one 4 years ago. My fingers ok now. It may not be tomorrow but it's not bad now. Thanks for your concern!

Amy said...

Sorry about two guesses on the bags I couldn't tell that it alredy went through--Duh
amyway - what a day I'm so sorry---that had to be very painful
hope it won't keep you out of commission for long

ScrappinMommy~ Lisa said...

wow Casey ~ That looks luike a real doosey!! It goes through me just thinking about it. I can only imagine how painful it must have been!! hope it heals ok for you.

des bridges said...

i am a wuss i would be freaking out.. even after it was out

you are my idol~ :)

jeanna said...

you would be the one through all the pain to say "oh let me grab my camera, the girls are gonna want to see this"..........

emily said...

Oh geesh! Too bad worker's comp won't cover that, huh?! That definitely looks like it was painful!