Wednesday, September 12, 2007

I'm feeling generous.....

My birthday is this Friday, September 14th and in honor of that, I am giving one lucky person a 20% discount on a future bag purchase. Get your brains ready though because you must answer a question in a comment to this post to be eligible for the prize. The question is: How many bags have I made total, so far? Keep in mind, I made the first bag in March 2007. The person who's answer is closest to the correct number gets the discount. I will announce the winner on Monday the 17th of September. Good luck!!


Pam said...

Okay- I'll give it a shot...hopefully I am not totally off here and making an idiot guess.

My guess is 74.

Anonymous said...

I'll try a guess. I am probably way off.

My guess is 52.


Erin Frantz

Anonymous said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CASEY! (mine is September 19th!)

This is definitely a guess: 60?


des bridges said...

happy birthday Casey! my brother's birthday is on the 14th too!!! woohoo!!

i know I'm prob not eligible for another discount lol but ill take a shot anyways

my guess is 40!!!

Veronica said...

Hi Casey!!

Happy Birthday from sunny California.

My guestimate: 97

Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

My guess is 23!!!

Love the newest one!!


rachaellovesscrapbooking said...

Happy Birthday

I am going to guess 99.

Anonymous said... about 131? (I'm probably way off base here, but I figured I'd give it a shot since I love your bags so much.)
Jolene Barron

Aleisha said...

Happy Birthday. I'm going to say 47 bags.

Amy said...

I give it a shot since they are so nice
I will guess 56
Amy Macak

Amy said...

Sice I think your baggs are great I will guess 56

jeanna said...

this is a shot in the dark
(I ran out of time (and forgot about it until this morning LOL))