Friday, May 23, 2008

Ravishing Rebecca


I love this fabric! I found it for a woman who wanted a bag that would go with mostly everything she wore, mainly red, blue and green. Could this fabric be any more perfect? I just love how brown goes with everything! So, Betty, this one's for you!

Ginni C, I finally measured the black and white bag for you. It's 15in long and 12in high. It's roomy and super cute in person. Be sure to email me at if you are interested in it. And thanks for the comments!!


Kathy said...

Casey, you make deciding which one to get so DIFFICULT! LOL. What are the measurements for this Ravishing Rebecca bag? I want to get (yet) another of your bags in a few months, and I am having a hard time to choose which one!

Anonymous said...

This fabric is fantastic!! How beautiful! Great bag, Casey!

Betty said...

I received my bag on Tuesday and I must say, it's much prettier than the picture. I just absolutely love it and Casey does an excellent job. I'll be getting another bag from her sometime soon.