Thursday, August 2, 2007

Jeanna, It's Finished!

My friend Jeanna has been waiting for this bag for what she will tell you felt like forever. She has been "advertising" my bags to all she knows but has yet to actually carry one of her own, until now. I finished it today so now Jeanna, my friend, you will have your bag to show off unto all the world!!

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Casey Turner said...

I know I'm commenting on my own post but I just LOVE THIS BAG! Oh and fyi, my hubby picked out the fabric.

jeanna said...

I am going to carry it with me everywhere.
(ssshhhh.....I even took it to bed with me last night LOL)

Lisa Cox said...

Hi I LOVE THIS BAG:) I am going to email you:)

Anonymous said...


Jeanna's bag is amazing. I am now jealous :) I absolutely love the new style. I may have to put in another order soon.

Erin Frantz

Anonymous said...

Me thinks this would look great with the paisley fabric :)....