Saturday, August 11, 2007

The "No Name" Bag

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Ok, All. I need your help. I came up with this bag myself after being disgusted with how the actual pattern came out. It originally was a Florida Bag but it didn't carry well at all, I was very disappointed but couldn't let this great fabric go to waste. So I ripped it apart and recreated it. Now it has no name. So I have come up with a few names for this bag and would like you all to vote on which name you like best for this bag. Vote by commenting to this post and tell me what your choice is. Thanks so much. I'll tally up the votes in a few days.

Name choices:

The City Bag

The Miah Bag (that's my middle daughter's name)

The Casey Bag

The Hexa Bag


Pam said...

I think any of your suggestions would work, but I like the Miah bag....or hay, what about the Pam bag...just kidding!

Lisa Cox said...

I like The Casey Bag:)
That looks great:)
I can't wait until I can get one:)
Thanks for sharing

Smile said...

I too like The Casey Bag! Great fabrics and unique design!

Nice job!

jeanna said...

just call it "no name"
I like miah bag too.
Then you are going to have to make an "Isabelle and Kylie" bag also. :)

Anonymous said...

My vote is The Casey Bag :).